Mystic Tremor

In complete and total transparency I am associated with the no longer new on the block, but quickly gaining popularity Mystic Fly Rods.  I have known Dennis (the mastermind behind the products) since just after the company began producing rods nearly 7 years ago, and have helped him in some capacity or another for most of that time.

As I don’t find myself making any trips to saltwater oriented fishing destinations, I have never really spent much time exploring the capabilities of the Mystic Tremor, as it is designed primarily for that particular function.  I did however start fishing a tremor last year while pulling streamers for trout and pike.

Blue Tremor in the middle  between a pair of Reapers

Blue Tremor in the middle between a pair of Reapers

The above photo was taken by Rich Felber, see more of his work at Trout on the Fly.

Here are my thoughts:

  • First and foremost the Tremor is one of the best looking, aesthetically pleasing rods on the market.  The blue blank, with blue thread wraps and violet trim bands are absolutely beautiful.
  • Rod is very light in hand and is not fatiguing
  • One area that the rod excels in is it’s “lifting power” – the 8wt rod easily lifts 7″ flies and heavy 300 grain sink tips up and out of the water to start a backcast.
  • The rod loads exceptionally easy – after the lift up of the bug/line – 1 simple backcast was plenty enough to deliver the fly accurately and at relatively long distances.
  • More reviews from around the interwebs:
  1. MidCurrent
  2. The Perfect Drift
  3. Fly Life Magazine
  4. Florida Fly Fishing Magazine

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