I am currently engaged in Matt Supinski’s newest book titled Selectivity: The Theory & Method of Fly Fishing for Fussy Trout, Salmon, & Steelhead, and will have a complete view and write up of it soon.

My initial thoughts on the book are this:

  • Great content, written in a way that illustrates value of the philosophy
  • The photography is really great
  • I always head straight to the “fly plates” first – and they don’t disappoint in this book at all.  Some really innovative patterns that will be added to my arsenal
  • Information is so far very thoroughly developed
  • Entertaining

In the meantime while I continue to digest the information in the book and construct a feedback and review post – here is a great Q & A that The Trout Zone did with Matt himself.


As well there are some great photos in here by local celebrities Rich Felber from Trout on the Fly and Jeff Cole from Fly Fish the Mitt.

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