So often when fishing conversations that carry absolutely ZERO relevance to anything in this world are struck up.  I guess that spending long hours on the water has the potential to cause a person to completely lose their heads, and what results is an unrelated stream of incoherence that pours out from our minds.  Its a good time to pontificate and give proper consideration to events and ideas that are “so far out there” that they are incomprehensible to any “normal” being.  One topic that routinely is discussed at great lengths while in the boat is  “who would win in a fight between……”  (I was always a fan of Celebrity Death Match on MTV) Let’s settle this once and for all – with your help!  Welcome to the bracket of:



As you’ll note there are some obviously intriguing match-ups here.  The fate of the Fly community rests solely on Hank Patterson and his finishing move of “paralyzer to the chode”.  Please submit your votes in the polls below to help decide who advances to the next round!  (Samuel L. Jackson is my darkhorse)

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