This is a swing bug tied intruder style with a Eumer tube cone up front.  The cone helps keep the bug from collapsing and allows the ostrich to move and pulse through the swing.  I also tie this pattern in black / copper and olive / copper with or without the egg head (finishing with schlappen).   This is my go-to bug when water is high with good stain.

Bend out the Mustad hook and cut it close to the chartreuse ball at the back of the fly once the bug is finished.

photo 1

Trim about half of the Polar Chenille fibers then tie in and wrap forward.  I also use the black Polar Chenille with this color combo.

The Clear Cure Goo application locks the cone in place perpendicular to the shank so that the bug runs true.


1. Mustad 36890 sz 1/0
2. Beadalon .015″ gauge
3. Gamakatsu Octopus sz 4
4. Senyo’s Laser Dub fl Chartreuse
5. Hackle Purple
6. Ostrich Purple
7. Uv Polar Chenille Silver
8. Flashabou Grape
9. Ice Dub Uv fl Hot Pink
10. Clear Cure Goo (Thin)

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