Area Man’s Pants Catch Fire at Flyfishing Expo


The shocking highlight of this year’s Flyfishing Expo was when Dale Bronson’s pants suddenly burst into flames.  Bronson, a regular attendee at the expo, was delivering a spirited narrative of a recent steelhead excursion when suddenly his pants caught fire.  Those close to Bronson at the time say he was midway through recounting another of his amazing solo fishing adventures when it happened.  The tale reportedly involved him battling an “epic buck that crushed” one of his secret flies.  The quick thinking of bystanders who doused Bronson with cups of LaBatts left him unscathed yet bewildered.

Amazingly, many weren’t surprised including Jim White who commented “The guy has been talking smack for so many years it’s no wonder this happened”.  “I think it all just caught up to him” said Mark Connely, Bronson’s longtime fishing pal until an argument over the best micro brew selection while fishing dries caused a permanent rift in their friendship.

“I may stop following his advice” said Dave Gorsky.  “He seemed so believable and even promised to teach me how to shadowcast this summer”.  Bronson has not made himself available for comment.

Tuesday Bananas

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  1. Liar, liar, pants on fire.


    February 25, 2014 at 8:06 am

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