Mission Objective – Hangin Out

When I first started fishing, every single time I headed to the river I was on a mission, mission to learn from observing other anglers. I would follow other people around, sit on the bank and watch their every move – trying to figure out how and why they were doing things the way they were.

At some point, after I felt I had absorbed enough through observation of others my mission changed every time I went to the river and my objective became to catch as many fish as I possibly could.  It became a purely numbers game for me – it was a badge of honor that I would wear proudly when I reported in with my father or other friends that I’d sometimes fish with.

A few years down the line, the numbers of fish game eventually gave way to quality of fish.  It was no longer about how many fish I caught and it was now about the quality of fish I caught.  I wanted big fish.


Now…..now, I’m basically back to square 1, but for different reasons.  I find myself sitting on the bank more and more observing others – usually friends I am fishing with.  My fishing pals are all exceptionally talented and of course I learn all kinds of new things from them similar to how I learned from others in my youth, but thats not whats important.  What’s important to me now is hanging out, on the water, in nature with people that I enjoy spending time with.


Sure it’s all still about the fish – after all they are the reason to bring us all together.  But even more it’s about the laughs, the experiences, the jokes, the banter, the food, and the fellowship.


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