Let’s Get These Kids to Colorado!!

Friend and fishing pal Rich Youngberg has a wealth of experience of leading groups of people out into the wild, working as a guide on trips down the Yukon River, as a White Water Rafting Guide on some of the most untamed rivers of the Western US, and leading paddling trips through the Everglades of Florida.  Rich works with young men and women in a Grand Rapids area high school, and has a started an after school fly fishing club there.  His mission is to grow the sport with the youths at his school, and give them an outlet to all of the pressures that they face being a teenager. He states:

“We develop and refine an angler’s skills so that he or she will be comfortable, confident and competent to fish successfully on his or her own in most streams and rivers. We strive to create experiences that will assist students in developing peer relations, problem solving, group dynamics, health and wellness and service learning opportunities through fly fishing. I have met several of the kids in this group and am impressed by their passion and thirst for knowledge.”

Now, these young dudes are planning a trip to Colorado this year and they need our help!  They have started a fundraiser to get their group to Colo this summer by selling these pretty rad t-shirts for $20.  This is a good cause folks, something that is pretty easy to get behind.  Please share this around your network and let’s make this happen, and besides you get a sweet T out of the deal.  See below pic for details:


If you are interested in a T-shirt, all you have to do is send an email to Rich at:
Checks made out to Northview Fly Fishing Club

2 responses

  1. Rich has got to have lost his mind. Taking impressionable kids from the jungles of Michigan to beautiful Colorado, home of the stoned trout. Warning Rich, steer clear of Clear Creek. There’s gold in them thar hills…Acapulco Gold. Okay, okay I’m sending my money to Rich. Thanks for the shout out…Windknots & Tangled Lines.


    January 30, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    • I don’t know that Rich ever had a mind to begin with….he’s a bit loco


      January 31, 2016 at 10:12 am

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