There is No Tomorrow

One thing that I have always struggled with, even more so now than in previous years – is the concept of mortality.  There is very much a finite amount of time that each of us will be on this earth, whether we like it or not we all have a clock that will eventually stop.


78.74 years.  Thats the life expectancy for US males.  Thats it.  As I have nearly reached half time of my own life, it has dawned on me that I frequently don’t take advantage of the opportunities that I have to LIVE.  I spend about 2x the amount of time that I should spend working or worrying about work.  I spend about 100x the amount of time that I should spend wasting time on the interwebs or with my face buried in my phone.  I far too often pass up opportunities to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, in favor for being a couch potato rotting my brain away at the constant BS that streams from my TV screen.  Even if I don’t say it out loud when situations arise, I am always thinking it – “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

The series of Rocky movies are my all time favorites, and it’s not even close.  There is a great scene in Rocky III where shortly after Rocky’s long time trainer, Mick passes away and he is now being trained by his one time enemy Apollo Creed.  Rocky is giving a half assed effort in the ring and in life as he prepares to do battle with Clubber Lang (Mr. T I see you big dog), and simply shuts down as Apollo bludgeons him in a live, in the ring training session.  Rocky sheepishly proclaims “tomorrow”.  Apollo fires back in the iconic scene “There is no tomorrow!  There is no tomorrow!”

Folks, its simple – spend more time doing what you love with the people that you love.  Learn new things.  Travel new places.  Taking on new challenges.  Fish more.

I need to heed this advice, and more appropriately prioritize my own life.  What’s important and why?

So far in 2016 I haven’t had near the amount of opportunity to fish as I would like, but I’ve dedicated an enormous amount of time in researching and planning, tying flies, going through and organizing equipment.  I plan to fish this summer a ton with my wife and my father.  I would love to get my mom in the boat with me, and my nephew and niece.  My brother can come to – only if he pays me for all the flies he will lose and provides the beer though.  Learning all of this new information and tactics has reinvigorated me – it has woken up a part of my head that was on autopilot and/or sleep mode for far too long.

It’s time to make the 2nd half my half.  There truly may be no tomorrow.


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