Fly Fish the Mitt and Mitt Monkey Videos

A could of vids to help get you through the week.

Michigan Fly on Youtube




In case you want to see a bunch of idiots acting like a bunch of idiots, or if you just want to feel really good about yourself because you aren’t a fat kid that is wearing a blaze orange simms jacket (it was on sale, leave me alone)  you can now subscribe to our Youtube channel.   There’s usually some shots of some random whiskey that we grabbed from the Wesco gas station on the way to fish, as well as $2 outdated beef jerky.  Thats about it though, don’t expect many fish.   Who knows, maybe you’ll be witness to the launching of the acting career I always dreamed about (not those kinds of movies guys, c’mon keep it clean).


Weekly Review

weekly review

#somestreamerchick backs up a boat and wins an award. 

Fly Fish the Mitt comes back into the fold with an awesome new video.  

Wait – there’s more from FFM with That Never Happens (I agree by the way). Then the birth of some idiot streamer dude, then he talks about a bunch of dummys that aren’t able to identify a Hennie flat. (what a bunch of losers)

Rich at Trout on the Fly wraps up his Arkansas trip HERE

Kent at Gink hauls some water or water hauls or does something to make you a better caster.  Louis talks first rods – need to check this out for sure!  Koz discusses the danger that is intruding on the Great Lakes (eff off big head carps!)

Drink your PBR in style – #glassisnotdead

Not freshly minted this week, but is only a few weeks old and a really touching read at Rivers of Reckoning

Fly Fish the Mitt – Donati Vortex

If you haven’t checked out Fly Fish the Mitt get over there and take a look at what Jeff is doing!  He is an exceptionally talented fisherman and is outstanding putting together short videos that capture the essence of the experience.   Here’s his latest work: