Weekly Review

Weekly Review


If you missed the F3T in GR this past weekend, Koz has got you covered with a recap

Found this killer PT nymph variant  at Frankenfly

Matt Barthels will be tying big streamers at the Muskegon River Fly Shop soon, get in while you can fit in

Get your fill of #glassisnotdead here (Spoiler Alert: theres some badass photos)

Bucket list fish Golden Dorado is explored at Gink and Gasoline

Funny stuff over at Windknots and Tangled Lines, be sure to watch out for the fresh water sharks and Great Lakes Whales

These guys seem like fun:

Weekly Review


True North Trout heads out with some buds and gets his Soul Replenished, as we all need more often than we experience.

Super interesting take at Fontinalis Rising regarding The Search for Balance

I may have just become a fan of Lanyards – check out the info I found at The Fiberglass Manifesto

Gunnar Brammer tying featured at Frankenfly

Mary and Dan O are super cool to follow along with on their adventures, check out their latest

Gink and Gasoline provided me with a mental escape from a shit week.  Read this.

Weekly Review


Fly Fishing Needs Dirty Harry.

You guys, THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT, and a must read for anyone that cares about our fisheries.

Some great advice at G & G for you newbs out there looking to row a boat.

Go see Koz at the Celebration of Fly Tyers.

Super cool vid and pattern I saw at Frankenfly

Windknots and Tangled Lines goes shirt shopping and the sense of style is glorious!

Whoa, check out these works of art over at The Fiberglass Manifesto.

Ever wondered how to construct an indicator rig for steelhead?  Nomad Anglers shows the way.

Weekly Review


Muskrat Adventures has a good read as he gets out and shakes off the winter rust.

Great read on why turbulent water is good water at Gink and Gasoline.

Erich from Nomad Anglers got out creekin’ for some Michigan winter troots.

Frankenfly always puts together the best flies from around the interwebs.

Matt Supinski has good news predicting the steelhead outlook for 2016.

The Fiberglass Manifesto features the artwork of the MadPlaider

Weekly Review

weekly review

Fontinalis Rising with his always entertaining and insightful Monday Morning Coffee.

If you don’t have one of these you probably aren’t in the cool kids club.  Fiberglass Manifesto beanies are super cool.

What could be more important than slinging 90′ of line you ask…..Gink and Gasoline breaks it down here.

Public Service Announcement: Nomad Anglers in Okemos has moved.

Flat Broke Fly Fishing is thinking of warmer temps and emerging bugs

Frankenfly features a local favorite tied by Jeff from Fly Fish the Mitt


Weekly Review

weekly review

Zach atThe Itinerant Angler a great piece looking at 10 casting errors.

You have to watch….just watch.

Gink and Gasoline has a great piece highlighting 15 Dirt Cheap Pieces of Gear that are must haves.

The Fiberglass Manifesto does a great job looking deeper into why Smith Fly is a great company with great products.

Killer movie review of a sweet looking flick (The Revenant) at Unaccomplished Angler.

Always, always, always be sure to check out the Orvis Friday Film Fest.




Weekly Review

weekly review

Koz at True North Trout reflects back on 2015 and looks forward to 2016in his most recent writings.

Fontinalis Rising offers a a look back at the year that was for him.

The Fiberglass Manifesto details in words and incredible photos a trip to the Pere Marquette.

Persistence pays off at Gink and Gasoline.

Nomad Anglers announces the 2016 Brews and Bugs lineup at all 3 of their locations.

If you care about our waters you should read this article by Josh Greenberg on A Tight Loop.

FrankenFly put together a rad pictorial of his 2015 – highly recommend looking through the awesome photos.

Weekly Review

weekly review

Gink and Gasoline shares another reason why everything is better with a dog.

Fontinlis Rising moved from the Mitt to the south and is going through a comparison of the 2.

OUCH!  Dude gets impaled by a marlin.

FrankenFly has Andreas Anderrsson bug being tied by Brian Wise.

Nomad Anglers has your el Nino edition fishing report.

Weekly Review

weekly review

A little change of pace to this week’s review.  Thought I’d include a few videos that I watched this week.  Enjoy!

Weekly Review


Koz from True North Trout wins a MAJORLY coveted award of Orvis Trout Bum of the Week

Fly Fish the Mitt with video highlights from October – as always top shelf editing work.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/144449832″>10 – 2015</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/flyfishthemitt”>Fly Fish the Mitt</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The Fiberglass Manifesto breaks down 6 Good Reads you should check out.

Louis from G&G tries to stay off the menu of a shark. (all the nopes awarded to this one)

Franken Fly has an interesting profile of Artist Andrea Larko

Weekly Review



The Fiberglass Manifesto spent time on a ladder, painting his canvas with awesomeness.

Some really great stuff from Louis at Gink & Gasoline about looking at things from a different perspective…..the perspective of a fish.

Frankenfly has a great video showing a great streamer, the Circus Peanut – originated by Russ Maddin, variated by Kelly Galloup, and tied by Brian Wise.

#somestreamerchick has a go round with some shad 


Weekly Review

weekly review

Great piece by Jason Tucker over at Gink & Gasoline on stepping out of his comfort zone and fishing new water.  Plus they throw meat when the trout gotta eat.

Some super talented folks out there, The Fiberglass Manifesto always does a great job of showcasing their work.

Joe breaks a rod but makes cinnamon rolls on the river.

Nomad shop manager Erich Gross puts a beast in the net.

Just READ THIS. It’s a great read.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – you have to fish a Zudbubbler for bass.





Weekly Review

weekly review

Sorry for the significant drop in activity this week.  We spent the weekend at the Midwest Flyfishing Expo, then Monday and Tuesday on the water.  Tune back in next week for your regularly scheduled programming.

Jeff at Fly Fish the Mitt catches a badonkadonk Steelhead – one of the finest fish I’ve ever had the chance to net.

This is EXACTLY what it’s all about – super awesome pics at The Fiberglass Manifesto.

Gink raps about Fly choice vs. Presentation, something incredibly important to consider.

Koz wraps up the Midwest Expo at True North Trout

Druanglers has a really good article about switching around Streamers to crack “the code”



Weekly Review

weekly review


Fly Fish the Mitt, Jeff Cole Farms a Giant

I’ve never in my life taken one picture nearly as rad as any the have at the G&G Photo Contest

Hands down, without a doubt –this is my favorite fly to sling for bass.

#somestreamerchick with another cool vid.

Not sure winter works like this but Fontinalis Rising gives it a shot.

Koz at True North Trout Wraps up the Fly Tying Celebration

Weekly Review

weekly review

More Contests at G&G: The Oskar Blues Take a Pinner Fishing Photo Contest.

Fly Fish the Mitt becomes Fly Fish Wyoming (don’t worry it’s only temporary).

Koz recaps the F3T event held at Boyne.

Lee Slikkers of Slikkers Split Cane puts together one of the classiest pieces I’ve ever seen for The Fiberglass Manifesto. #leatherisnotdead

Brian Wise puts together  Andreas Andersson’s Rag Dolly (Super awesome streamer) at FrankenFly.

Moldy Chum features a Wildly entertaining compilation of drone crashes

Rich Strolis has some fantastic pics of great bugs!

Weekly Review

weekly review

#somestreamerchick backs up a boat and wins an award. 

Fly Fish the Mitt comes back into the fold with an awesome new video.  

Wait – there’s more from FFM with That Never Happens (I agree by the way). Then the birth of some idiot streamer dude, then he talks about a bunch of dummys that aren’t able to identify a Hennie flat. (what a bunch of losers)

Rich at Trout on the Fly wraps up his Arkansas trip HERE

Kent at Gink hauls some water or water hauls or does something to make you a better caster.  Louis talks first rods – need to check this out for sure!  Koz discusses the danger that is intruding on the Great Lakes (eff off big head carps!)

Drink your PBR in style – #glassisnotdead

Not freshly minted this week, but is only a few weeks old and a really touching read at Rivers of Reckoning

Weekly Review



Ok, this is pretty RAD – PBR drinkers get in here.

True North Trout has all your F3T info.

Photo Contest at Gink and Gasoline is always awesome.  You need to at the very least follow this one as there are some uber talented picture dudes out there.

Let’s get rid of damn dams

2 of the best damn days I’ve ever seen at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher.

Some day I’ll get around to doing a Smith River trip.

The genuis of Pat Cohen and Matt Zudweg together?  Buckle up Bass you’re in troubs.

And just because it’s the most read story in the history of Michiganfly – if you missed Tuesday Bananas, you’ve got to see where Michgan’s salmon have gone.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Gink and Gasoline talks streamers and I kinda like Streamers…..maybe like them a lot.

Some quality photos of the salt at Caught and Release.

Why would anyone ever think that pipelines and rivers are a great match?  See more at Moldy Chum

Just like me, THe Fiberglass Manifesto DREAMS OF WARMER WEATHER with a twist of nostalgia

Eat A Peach Leach – great video featuring the creator of the highly effective swing thing.

For those of you in Michigan, soon headed to Arkansas – get the latest report from Dally’s Here

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

I look forward to seeing This week in #glassisnotdead every week – this rendition doesn’t disappoint.

Holy pile of Carp Goodness at Roughfisher

Blane Chocklett checks in at Frankenfly with TOOTHY GOODNESS

The Drag Free Drift channels their inner Norman Mclean with this great piece.

Impaled yourself with a hook before?  Louis at Gink and Gasoline put together a great article on how to safely and effectively remove it.

Kent at Gink and Gasoline bugs out about about the woolly bugger

Brian Kozminski shared this touching article he put together with me.  This one is worth your time.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are a  great idea.

Steve at Stalking the Seam WINS THE LOTTO

Mike Schmidt has a tough go on the Salmon River – he ain’t mad though, his Dayton Flyers are in the Elite 8.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

The Fiberglass Manifesto goes to the left coast and does some awesome stuff with awesome people.

Koz from True North Trout bangs out an awesome review of the Film Tour

Moldy Chum gives a run down of buzzwords we should drop

Anyone got some wood (not that kind!) to spare for Gink and Gasoline?

Great toothy bug by Ulf over at Frankenfly

Rich Strolis bangs another big trout

Found this awesome raffle you should check out at Spey Nation

Louis over at Gink and Gasoline is a badass with the camera – check out these prints.  I need!


Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Jeff Cole from Fly Fish the Mitt braves the harsh conditions and bangs a GIANT steelhead when fishing with Rich from Trout on the Fly <– Pic is in here

I’m going to just go ahead and link to the entire blog page at Gink and Gasoline because there is too much awesome stuff to just pick out 1

Koz from True North Trout recaps a great yearly event.

Matt Zudweg counts down his top 5 steelhead patterns

The Fiberglass Manifesto gives a run down of some awesome products – seriously need to check this one out guys…or don’t…I don’t care.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

The Fiberglass Manifesto‘s boat is almost done and I’d be terrified to row something that beautiful down the river.

Gink and Gasoline loses all control, and its glorious.  And they can DO BAD all on their own.

Nomad Anglers has some sweet new swag, check it.

Thanks for ruining productivity for the next 6 hours – Moldy Chum.

HAHAHAHA – that is all.  But seriously, HAHAHAHA

Frankenfly has Koz from True North Trout put together a killer mouse pattern.



The Week in Review

Weekly Review

Mike from Anglers Choice Flies goes absolutely HAM on some giant bugs.

Gink and Gasoline ponders what makes a fly reel awesome.

Moldy Chum fights for Utah – get behind them!

Jeff Cole at Fly Fish the Mitt talks about bug selection, and you should listen!  The guy puts giant fish in the net….all the time.

I never thought that lime green was SEXY until I saw this over at The Fiberglass Manifesto

Skinny Water Culture makes me hate winter even more.

The Week in Review

Weekly Review

Jeff Cole from Fly Fish the Mitt gets an A+ for his awesome Stache.

The Fiberglass Manifesto – talks Wizards, Sharks, and fly lines….it really doesn’t get more awesome than that.

Skinny Water Culture is having a bad day, head over there and show some support.

April Vokey loves South America, and South America probably loves her back.

Gink and Gasoline has a kick ass contest – get those selfies polished up bro.

Out Smart Fishing bugs out.

Trout Under Ground – apparently trains ending up in rivers is a thing….who knew?

Kick some ass this Friday!