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Flyfishing Video Game Backfires

In a prime example of “if you can’t beat em, join em”, the fly fishing industry this past October released Trout Hunter, an industry produced video game designed to entice gamers into streamside pursuits. “It’s no secret that the fly fishing industry has flat-lined” noted Darryl Clemens, Director of the Federation of Locally United Fly Fishing Enterprise Retailers (FLUFFER). “More money is currently spent on Cheese Whiz than the entire fly fishing industry” stated Clemens. FLUFFER’s goal is to firm up the interest of those considering fly fishing as a viable hobby with Trout Hunter being their first endeavor.


In an ironic turn of events, FLUFFER’s high expectations were soon dashed when it was discovered that the primary consumer of the game was none other than current fly fishermen. In fact, the industry has experienced a substantial decline in revenues following Trout Hunter’s release. “Why go to the river when I can land trophy trout in high def right in my living room” stated Dillon Vanderwall who’s sentiments are not unique among “troutbums” who have put down their 5-weights in favor of a game console and a bag of chips.

Recent focus group studies conclude that Trout Hunter will usher in a new era of home-based fly fishing expected to eliminate the sport in it’s traditional sense by 2025. Ironically, FLUFFERs mission has left their constituents deflated.

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