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Ok, this is pretty RAD – PBR drinkers get in here.

True North Trout has all your F3T info.

Photo Contest at Gink and Gasoline is always awesome.  You need to at the very least follow this one as there are some uber talented picture dudes out there.

Let’s get rid of damn dams

2 of the best damn days I’ve ever seen at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher.

Some day I’ll get around to doing a Smith River trip.

The genuis of Pat Cohen and Matt Zudweg together?  Buckle up Bass you’re in troubs.

And just because it’s the most read story in the history of Michiganfly – if you missed Tuesday Bananas, you’ve got to see where Michgan’s salmon have gone.

Flyfishing Video Game Backfires

In a prime example of “if you can’t beat em, join em”, the fly fishing industry this past October released Trout Hunter, an industry produced video game designed to entice gamers into streamside pursuits. “It’s no secret that the fly fishing industry has flat-lined” noted Darryl Clemens, Director of the Federation of Locally United Fly Fishing Enterprise Retailers (FLUFFER). “More money is currently spent on Cheese Whiz than the entire fly fishing industry” stated Clemens. FLUFFER’s goal is to firm up the interest of those considering fly fishing as a viable hobby with Trout Hunter being their first endeavor.


In an ironic turn of events, FLUFFER’s high expectations were soon dashed when it was discovered that the primary consumer of the game was none other than current fly fishermen. In fact, the industry has experienced a substantial decline in revenues following Trout Hunter’s release. “Why go to the river when I can land trophy trout in high def right in my living room” stated Dillon Vanderwall who’s sentiments are not unique among “troutbums” who have put down their 5-weights in favor of a game console and a bag of chips.

Recent focus group studies conclude that Trout Hunter will usher in a new era of home-based fly fishing expected to eliminate the sport in it’s traditional sense by 2025. Ironically, FLUFFERs mission has left their constituents deflated.

Tues bananas

Transition Water (TR Follow up)

The water during Saturday’s trip was still brutally cold, still sporting abnormally low temperatures this close to spring.  After my initial assessment of the water temps, I made the conscious decision to focus all of my efforts on the slower water that is typically associated with winter type fishing.  I determined that even though we are nearing what is in a typical year the peak of the spawning activity, because of the lower temps fish would be less likely to have moved into their traditional transition type water.

While we were able to find several fish in water that was walking speed or less, near the end of the day Joe and Jeff decided to spend some time running bugs through quicker staging areas, pockets, and dumps.  Their decision to concentrate efforts on that type of water paid off immensely as a number of fish were hooked and landed in this transitional water.

3- 15 8

I know that I have been told several times by folks much more knowledgeable than myself that water temperatures are only 1 part of the equation in regards to fish behavior – but I neglected to heed that advice, and most likely missed out on several opportunities to encounter steelhead during the day as a result.

Steelhead Mentality

Through my years I have learned that there are people that fish for Steelhead, and then there are Steelhead Fishermen.  Although at first glance it appears that both groups of people are one in the same – but they are vastly different.  People that simply fish for Steelhead seek out the more favorable and comfortable situations, 50 degrees with sunny blue bird spring skies  – sight fishing to spawning fish in less than 2′ of water, likely taking the path of least resistance.

Avid Steelhead fisherman are an extremely different breed of people.   A true Steelhead fisherman firmly believes the the most favorable conditions usually involve an absolute miserable mixture of intermittent driving rain showers, that only stop because it starts snowing so hard you can see only a mere inches in front of your face.


Steelhead Fisherman are typically easy to spot for their complete and utter lack of caution and common sense when venturing into the water, wading to get just the right angle to properly present their bug through a run – their own safety is a only a mere afterthought.

Steelhead Fisherman will usually have limited sense of feeling in their fingertips from frequent near frost bite encounters.  They will be sporting wind burned faces with cracked lips.  Most will openly exhibit any number of personal vices – addiction to Fireball, tobacco, etc., as they need a crutch to deal with the insane madness caused by chasing winter fish.

Next time you see a Steelhead Fisherman, wish him well because his lifestyle suggests he probably isn’t long for this world.

To Bead or Not to Bead – That is the Question

Trout Beads

It has become exceptionally apparent that there is a growing division between anglers that use beads to target migratory and resident species of fish in the Great Lakes watersheds.  For all intents and purposes I am taking a completely and totally neutral stance on this (at least officially) – however I want to encourage a healthy discussion about the topic and use this blog to collect feedback and data.  So please participate in the poll and leave a message in the comment section.  Please try and keep it under control, and engage in a healthy conversation.


So often when fishing conversations that carry absolutely ZERO relevance to anything in this world are struck up.  I guess that spending long hours on the water has the potential to cause a person to completely lose their heads, and what results is an unrelated stream of incoherence that pours out from our minds.  Its a good time to pontificate and give proper consideration to events and ideas that are “so far out there” that they are incomprehensible to any “normal” being.  One topic that routinely is discussed at great lengths while in the boat is  “who would win in a fight between……”  (I was always a fan of Celebrity Death Match on MTV) Let’s settle this once and for all – with your help!  Welcome to the bracket of:



As you’ll note there are some obviously intriguing match-ups here.  The fate of the Fly community rests solely on Hank Patterson and his finishing move of “paralyzer to the chode”.  Please submit your votes in the polls below to help decide who advances to the next round!  (Samuel L. Jackson is my darkhorse)