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Weekly Review

weekly review

Koz at True North Trout reflects back on 2015 and looks forward to 2016in his most recent writings.

Fontinalis Rising offers a a look back at the year that was for him.

The Fiberglass Manifesto details in words and incredible photos a trip to the Pere Marquette.

Persistence pays off at Gink and Gasoline.

Nomad Anglers announces the 2016 Brews and Bugs lineup at all 3 of their locations.

If you care about our waters you should read this article by Josh Greenberg on A Tight Loop.

FrankenFly put together a rad pictorial of his 2015 – highly recommend looking through the awesome photos.

Weekly Review

weekly review


Fly Fish the Mitt, Jeff Cole Farms a Giant

I’ve never in my life taken one picture nearly as rad as any the have at the G&G Photo Contest

Hands down, without a doubt –this is my favorite fly to sling for bass.

#somestreamerchick with another cool vid.

Not sure winter works like this but Fontinalis Rising gives it a shot.

Koz at True North Trout Wraps up the Fly Tying Celebration

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

I look forward to seeing This week in #glassisnotdead every week – this rendition doesn’t disappoint.

Holy pile of Carp Goodness at Roughfisher

Blane Chocklett checks in at Frankenfly with TOOTHY GOODNESS

The Drag Free Drift channels their inner Norman Mclean with this great piece.

Impaled yourself with a hook before?  Louis at Gink and Gasoline put together a great article on how to safely and effectively remove it.

Kent at Gink and Gasoline bugs out about about the woolly bugger

Brian Kozminski shared this touching article he put together with me.  This one is worth your time.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are a  great idea.

Steve at Stalking the Seam WINS THE LOTTO

Mike Schmidt has a tough go on the Salmon River – he ain’t mad though, his Dayton Flyers are in the Elite 8.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Jeff Cole from Fly Fish the Mitt braves the harsh conditions and bangs a GIANT steelhead when fishing with Rich from Trout on the Fly <– Pic is in here

I’m going to just go ahead and link to the entire blog page at Gink and Gasoline because there is too much awesome stuff to just pick out 1

Koz from True North Trout recaps a great yearly event.

Matt Zudweg counts down his top 5 steelhead patterns

The Fiberglass Manifesto gives a run down of some awesome products – seriously need to check this one out guys…or don’t…I don’t care.


Gink and Gasoline has a fantastic article over at their blogsite that I encourage everyone to check out.  The article simplifies and gives a great overview of proper mending and controlling line during a drift to achieve a natural presentation.

This skill is something that took awhile for myself (and I’m sure others) to fully understand and master.  However, once some common misconceptions (mentioned in the G&G article) were overcome, it all became much easier.

One of the biggest things that helped me is to over-exaggerate the mend, and don’t be afraid to move the indicator back up the stream – it allows the bugs to drop in under the indicator and be properly positioned for the downstream drift.

Here’s a good video of proper mending

The Week in Review

Weekly Review

Mike from Anglers Choice Flies goes absolutely HAM on some giant bugs.

Gink and Gasoline ponders what makes a fly reel awesome.

Moldy Chum fights for Utah – get behind them!

Jeff Cole at Fly Fish the Mitt talks about bug selection, and you should listen!  The guy puts giant fish in the net….all the time.

I never thought that lime green was SEXY until I saw this over at The Fiberglass Manifesto

Skinny Water Culture makes me hate winter even more.

The Week in Review

Weekly Review

Jeff Cole from Fly Fish the Mitt gets an A+ for his awesome Stache.

The Fiberglass Manifesto – talks Wizards, Sharks, and fly lines….it really doesn’t get more awesome than that.

Skinny Water Culture is having a bad day, head over there and show some support.

April Vokey loves South America, and South America probably loves her back.

Gink and Gasoline has a kick ass contest – get those selfies polished up bro.

Out Smart Fishing bugs out.

Trout Under Ground – apparently trains ending up in rivers is a thing….who knew?

Kick some ass this Friday!