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Twizzlers, Orange Soda, and a Fish

My son is growing up fast and the signs are starting to show that he’s gearing up to be an independent little dude.  Those days of getting a hug before school in front of his friends or after a baseball game are gone.  We do have our times though, and fishing together happens to be one of them.  A short window of opportunity opened this past weekend so we both jumped at the chance to run out for a few hours.  It was one of those quick trips that finds me in a mad scramble for gear and wondering whether I forgot something during the entire ride up.  Things were forgotten but we had what we needed to set out.

We had time to fish only a couple runs so I was happy to see the one I had in mind was open when we walked up.  He’s been tying some flies lately and we picked one he tied last spring during high water, a black rabbit strip leech over an orange estaz body.

IMG_2242It didn’t take long before a nice fish was hooked.  He did a solid job of fighting the steelhead, knowing when to reel and when to let the fish run.The fish was fairly compliant and after a few runs in the pool I was able to get a net under him.

FullSizeRender (2)

The fish was a clean, nicely colored male steelhead.  We’ve had our share of fishless outings so it felt great to see him bring a nice fish to the net in one of those moments when a lot of things could easily go wrong but didn’t.

FullSizeRender (1)We took a couple quick photo’s and released the fish to finish it’s work over the course of the next few weeks as the spring spawning period kicks into high gear.  Afterward we made some half-hearted attempts at another knowing we got what we wanted out of our afternoon.  We found a river rock to memorialize the day as we always do then made our way back to the car talking about cedars and trying to find the best tree to build a tree fort in so that we can live near the river permanently.  Often times the highlights of a fishing trip are just the twizzlers and orange soda we eat and drink on the way up and back.  This trip had a bonus fish and some good ideas on where to build our dream home.